Cloudlines is an indie-pop duo based out of Portland, OR. Its two members, Beach and Emily, met in 2016 when they were sat next to each other at work. A combination of boring day jobs and dreary Portland weather drove them to find a creative outlet. Cloudlines released their first single in May of 2018 and have been enjoying playing live shows and continuing to release music as often as possible.


Vocals, Songwriting / Emily Watson
Songwriting, Producing, Mixing & Mastering / Beach Fogleman





“Recorded their apartment in Portland, OR, the song is no lo-fi affair. With all the effects you would expect from a fancy studio recording, “Like This” mixes bouncy synths, glitch pop beats, and earnest indie rock songwriting.” Read More

“There isn't a dull moment in this song and instead the listener is taken on a journey of spaced out beats and hypnotic bass lines, when combined they create a chill but upbeat atmosphere that's easy to get lost in.” Read More

“‘Just Friends’ impresses with an infectious build-up from atmospheric ’80s-tinged soundscapes into a bursting modern-pop spectacle. As the drums hit just after the one-minute mark, the vocals are quickly accompanied by an energetic synth arpeggio, before falling back into a warm blanket of ’80s soundscapes.” Read More

“Entrancing, yet bouncy and poppy, the vocals wash over you like an uneasy night at a house party. Bits of chopping and screwing on the production and vocal parts give it a fun, glitchy sound fit for any big festival. Combined with fat drums and sing-song synth melodies, Cloudlines is set to make something of themselves.” Read More


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